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A surge protector is an attachment, often in the form of a power strip, that houses multiple outlets and increases their ability to withstand voltage spikes.

In other words, surge protectors provide a buffer between power lines and your devices.

Yes! PS5 needs a surge protector to protect it from power surges and voltage spikes. These events can cause damage to the device or disrupt its operation. Using a surge protector can help to reduce the risk of this occurring.

For effective usage of a surge protector with your PS5:

  • Plug it into an outlet and plug the PS5 power cord into the surge protector.
  • Make sure to use a surge protector rated for the wattage of your PS5 that has the necessary protection features for your needs.
  • Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the device, as they may have specific guidance on using surge protectors.

Many surge protectors have indicator lights that notify you if a power surge occurs.

However, these indicator lights don’t indicate if the surge protector is working correctly or has sustained any damage.

So, you should periodically inspect your surge protector to look for signs of wear or damage and replace it if necessary.

Avoid products that use TV coaxial cable as the line cord. These cords are typically not rated for high-end audio/video applications and can be subject to interference from external factors, like power lines.

In addition to a surge protector, consider installing a whole-home surge protection solution to protect expensive electronic devices in addition to a surge protector.

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How Do I Protect My PS5 From a Power Surge?

Use A Surge Protector-Absorbs excess voltage
-It protect your electronics from damage
-You can also plug other electronics into it, so they’re also protected.
Unplug Your PS5 During Thunderstorms-Prevents lightning strikes
-Prevents damage to your system

-Most importantly, you will save around $400 if your system was damaged by a lightning strike

Use A Battery Backup-Can protect from short-term power outages and surges
-You can also plug other electronics into it, so they’re also protected.

-Keeps your system’s work files safe.

Keep The PS5 Unplugged When Not Using It-Protects the PS5 from damages or misuse (not using the correct voltage)
Keep Your PS5 Away from Water-Water can cause short circuits and other problems
Keep Your PS5 Away from Extreme Temperatures-Excessive heat can damage the electronics
-Excessive cold can damage the system cassettes and discs.

Do Consoles Have Built-In Surge Protectors?

Yes! In the same way that a TV with no connections would burn out, so would your console without its plug-in. This surge protector is designed for the occasional power surge from lightning and other sources.

You usually find it at the top of your entertainment system and plug it into a brick outlet near the back of your entertainment center.

It’s designed to cover outlets near the back of TVs, speakers, entertainment centers, computer towers, and game consoles.

It’s not enough to plug the outlet into an electrical strip/power strip because there is a good chance that your system will still get fried from a power surge outside your system.

The Best type of surge protector in your place is one with the outlets all tied together with a wire.

If you plug something in, you should cover it with the surge protector, and it won’t get fried because it’s not in the right location.

<strong>Does The PS5 Need a Surge Protector?</strong> | Games Gadgets (1)

The power strip also plays an essential role in protecting your entertainment system from dust. If you have a dust-free entertainment system, your games stay cleaner longer.

A power strip with a small light switch to turn it on or off is also recommended to save some energy. You can install this device in other areas of the house as well.

The final thing a power strip can provide is electrical outlet covers for unused outlets for safety reasons.

In addition, it covers your outlets from dust and even water if it’s raining and water sprinklers are set off by accident. If you have young children, this device comes in handy.

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Can A Power Outage Damage PS5?

A power outage can damage a PS5 if the power outage causes a surge or fluctuation in the electrical current.

A surge or fluctuation in the electrical current can damage electronic devices, including the PS5.

Several factors, including the following, can cause a power outage.

  • A power spike or dip. A power spike is a sudden increase in the electrical current, while a dip is a sudden decrease in the electrical current.
  • Possible causes for spikes and dips include defective wiring and lightning. Power spikes and dips can damage electronic devices.
  • A power surge increases the electrical current that lasts relatively long (over 6 to 8 milliseconds).
  • People who live in areas where lightning strikes are more likely to experience a power surge caused by lightning. Power surges can damage electronic devices.
  • A brownout is where the electrical current decreases considerably but does not fall below acceptable levels. Inadequate power supply or increased demand for electricity causes brownouts.
  • A power outage occurs when the electrical current falls below acceptable levels. Common causes of power outages include, but are not limited to, lightning, power surges, or brownouts.

Is It Better to Plug PS5 Into a Wall?

A Power Code-This is the most convenient and stable power source.
-It plugs into the wall and provides a current of electricity to you.

-The disadvantage is that it’s usually less portable than other options.

A Surge Protector-Protects your PS5 from powerful electrical sources that boast too much power.
Power Strip-This is the most convenient and portable option out there.
-Allows you to plug your PS5 into it with ease.

-It also has multiple sockets that allow for the connection of other devices and a timer for shutting down/turning on your devices.

A Power Bank-Plugs into your PS5 and will charge up your PS5 from low battery levels.
-Allows the connection of other devices to it, such as a wireless speaker.

-The disadvantage is that it has a larger size, and you have to carry around the power bank separately.

A Power Bank Wall Outlet-It is a combination of the power bank and your PS5. It allows you to use your PS5 uninterrupted.

-The disadvantages are that it does not have a timer, and the wires will be compact and messy.

A Wireless Speaker-This is the most convenient option in terms of portability as well as the quality of sound produced.

-You can use this to listen to music or watch movies without hassle.
–It is made up of 2 parts. One part is wireless, and the other part is the speaker itself.

-The disadvantages are that you will have to carry the speaker and its power bank with you.

What Happens If You Don’t Have a Surge Protector?

Hardware Damage-Computer hardware damage from power spikes
-Computer hardware damage from brownouts
-Miniature electronics failure
Data Loss-Lost or corrupted data
-Permanent data loss
-Damaged by power surges or brownouts
Major System Downtime-Unable to use your computer/system
-Computer problems that need repair, which can take several days and disrupt productivity
Fire Hazard-Power surges and spikes can cause fires.
-Can damage nearby items with heat, such as; paper, wood, plastic, and carpeting.

-Fire is one of the top 5 most common causes of home damage.
-Computers produce fumes that can cause breathing problems and increase fire risk.

-Functions as a fire hazard if it has not been surging protected

Electrical Hazards-Sparks and shocks from your computer or system components can cause burns and start fires.
Power Outages-Could cost you thousands in revenue loss; every hour of downtime is an extra expense to your business and a time cost to you.

-In a small office, downtime can be equivalent to several full-time employees
Preventing Data Loss and Hardware Damage-Avoid the time and money needed to repair faulty components and the concern over possibly losing important information.

-Preventive maintenance for all devices that use electricity or generate electrical currents or voltage to function properly

How Do I Protect My Console from A Power Outage?

Use A Surge ProtectorHelp protect your console from power surges and voltage spikes, which a power outage or other electrical disturbances can cause.
Buy An Xbox One Protection PlanYou’ll get two years of coverage, so if anything happens to your console during that time, you’ll receive a replacement.
Use A Battery BackupA battery backup can protect your console from power outages and keep your system powered during a power outage.
Turn Off Your Console ProperlyYou could damage your console if you turn it off during or shortly after a power outage.
Keep Your Console in A Cool and Dry PlaceExcess heat can shorten the lifespan of electronic devices.
Avoid Extreme TemperaturesExtreme temperatures can shorten the lifespan of electronic devices, particularly if they’re left in cars or other vehicles exposed to direct sunlight.”
Use A Power Strip with A Built-In TimerA power strip with a timer will automatically turn off your Xbox One after a selected amount of time.
Use A Surge Protector and Unplug All Other DevicesPlugging your console directly into the wall could damage it in the event of an outage.

Is It Better To Sit PS5 Horizontally Or Vertically?

It is generally better to place the PS5 horizontally rather than vertically. There are a few reasons for this:

StabilityWhen the PS5 is placed vertically, it is more prone to tipping over due to its weight and size. This could damage the console or cause it to malfunction.

Horizontally, the console is more stable and less likely to tip over

CoolingVertically placed PS5 can quickly cool down compared to horizontal.

Horizontally placed PS5 can easily get hot due to its size unless you put it in a cool area such as your PS4 drawer.

CoolingVertically placed PS5 can quickly cool down compared to horizontal.

Horizontally placed PS5 can easily get hot due to its size unless you put it in a cool area such as your PS4 drawer.

Concealment And Space-SavingVertically placed PS5 takes up less space than horizontal. It is also concealable since it blends in with your furniture’s decorative pieces.

Horizontally placed PS5 takes up more space than the horizontal and is easily visible since it is large.

Disc ReadingIt is said that the PS5’s disc reading speed is faster when horizontal.
Vertical PS5’s disc reading speed is slower than the horizontal.
Thermal Design Power (TDP)a)Horizontal: 300W (incl 220W in standby mode)
b) Vertical: 350W (incl 270W in standby mode).

Why Is PS5 Less Powerful Than Xbox?

The Xbox Series X and PS5 are both powerful gaming consoles, but they are not necessarily less powerful than one another.

In terms of raw hardware specifications, the Xbox Series X boasts more power than the PS5, but this does not necessarily mean that it will always perform better in all games.

The performance of a console is determined by a combination of factors, including the:

  • Hardware it uses.
  • Software it runs.
  • Specific game being played.

They have unique strengths and capabilities, and you can decide which console is right for them based on their personal preferences and needs.

In terms of hardware, the PS5 boasts equipment with a more powerful GPU than the Xbox Series X.

<strong>Does The PS5 Need a Surge Protector?</strong> | Games Gadgets (2)

The GPU of the PS5 will reportedly have a maximum clock speed of approximately 2 GHz, while the Xbox Series X has a maximum clock speed of approximately 1.825 GHz.

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In addition, there are reports that the power efficiency of the GPU in the PS5 will be significantly higher than in any previous generation console, including the latest Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles.

However, it is essential to note that although the GPU in the PS5 will be more powerful, it may sometimes perform better in some games.

The performance of a console is ultimately determined by the specific hardware and software being used.

Is There a Better Console Than PS5?


Type of ConsoleFeatures
Xbox Series XBoasts early lead in the next generation of consoles, with several new features—wireless gaming, hi-res graphics.

-Unique as the first console in more than 10 years to not exclusively play physical games. The price point is ~ $500

Nintendo Switch 2This system will sport different specs from the PS5 and Xbox.
It can turn into a handheld device which means it’ll be much more portable than the Xbox or PS5.

Games are being developed which will utilize motion controllers and cameras. The feature allows you to raise, lower, look around and ‘see’ your game.
-It’s like a portable PC.

Apple Series 4This system is expected to outdo even Gen 8 consoles.
It is believed Apple will integrate a whole bunch of games and Apps directly into the TV.

One of the reasons it is creating a stir in the market is that they are targeting the Asian markets, which are the biggest consumers of games.

It’ll play native 4K games & Apps, but for streaming 4K content, you’ll need a fast WiFi connection.


The PS5 is a powerful console that has the potential to be the greatest ever created. Its specs are impressive, and it can run the games even after several years of its launch.

The PS5 has a great built-in cooling system that keeps the PS5 cool during gameplay.


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